Not your average liquor store.


Written by Adam Dobrowolski:

Along with my father-in-law, Dean O'Donnell, we won the agency in West Salem in November of 2011.

Wanting to create an ambiance of comfort and fun, we transformed the store and brought in a vast array of brands of liquor, cigars, mixers and gifts.  Our staff is trained to be helpful and resourceful to help our clients and friends procure the correct ingredients for their desired cocktails, stock their bars or recommend an option they might not have considered.    


As we go through our days, we are constantly evolving our inventory in order to offer the most expansive and relevant selection in Salem.  If we don't have what you're looking for, please ask us.  We will do our best to bring it in on the next order.  

In order to help out our busy bar & restaurant community, we offer free daily delivery on all orders within 30 miles of our store.  

We love serving the Salem community and look forward to meeting you soon.